Narcotics Department bringing courier services under scanner

The government wants drug detection devices in courier offices, and greater monitoring of couriers and couriers, and more The Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) is planning to place courier services under strict supervision because the couriers are being used to traffic illegal drugs. Actions that are to be taken to be taken by DNC includes the setting up of modern-day drugs detection devices in courier offices as well as CCTVs at counters at bookings in addition to regular renewals of licenses for couriers. It's worth noting that DNC recently released an Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for courier services. As per the SOP the senders will be obliged to provide photos as well as names and addresses when arrangements for parcels. Courier offices are required to note the national identity cards (NID) details for both the sender and the recipient, and then verify the data by comparing it to the NID database of the Election Commission. The courier offices should